Brand Overview

In the 1960s, the famous Italian designer MERZANI created the brand DINO FILARTE, which became a brand of high-grade customized fabric.
While inheriting the brand concept of his father, GIACOMO incorporated the concept of "natural, eco-friendly" and perfectly interpreted classics and fashion, tradition and modernity. DINO FILARTE reflects people's change in dressing in the past nearly half a century.
After half a century's development, DINO FILARTE has now become a stable supplier of famous brands including PRADA, VERSACE and ERMENEGILDOZEGNADENG.

Our History

In 1960, the textile industry of BIELLA in Italy entered a golden period of development. Having great insight into the prospect of textile industry, the famous designer Mr. MARZANI created the brand DINO FILARTE, which later became a brand of high-grade customized fabric.
In 1980, GIACOMO, the son of MARZANI, was admitted to Italy's famous textile school I.T.I.S. QUINTINO SELLA. Later he was employed by a famous Italian textile enterprise "LANIFICIO FILA". His unique insight into color, fashion and trend helped him establish his position in the field of textile design in Italy. Later, GIACOMO acted as chief designer of the most famous Italian textile brands BARBERIS CANONICO and ZEGNA. In 1996, Italy's most promising designer GIACOMO took over the brand FILARTE from his father, and became the CEO and chief designer of the brand. While inheriting the product design concept of his father, GIACOMO introduced the concept "natural, eco-friendly" and perfectly interpreted the connotation of classics and fashion.
DINO FILARTE is an embodiment of the emotion, culture and customs of Italians in the past nearly half a century, fully reflecting the style of Italy.
Brand Concept
A world-class fabric brand that highlights high quality and courteous service

Brand Advantage

Raw Material
The Extrafine Merino Wool of Australia designed completely according to European standards (Super110/S and above) is purchased twice a year through public bidding (limited to European brands).
European standards-compliant wool: more expensive than common
Australian wool used domestically due to large fiber length, good uniformity and great single fiber strength.
Provided with inspection certificate by Australian Wool Testing Authority authorized by international wool organization.
New technology
Compact spinning technology: 100% of FILARTE products are compact spinning series products. The yarns are round and tight with luster and good strength. The fabrics have natural luster, clear texture and high quality.
Natural elasticity: FILARTE products are produced with special processes through the natural properties of extrafine high-quality wool. They are purely natural elastic products with good anti-wrinkle functions.
"No color difference" technology: "No color difference" technology is employed for all FILARTE products, to ensure the color difference among each batch manufactured at different time reaches international standards.
Quick delivery
The goods in stock are rich in variety and sufficient in quantity. Group customized service and individual customized service are available.
Stock delivery cycle: One week
Customized goods delivery cycle: Thirty days.
Product Positioning
Purely natural fiber and purely natural mixed fiber of Super110/S and above.
Product concept: Natural, green, versatile, fashionable.
Service Positioning
Diversified fashionable and personalized futures products service.
Individual customized service and group customized service matching high-end clothing brand.
Service Tenet: Professional, efficient, rapid, flexible.
Brand Culture
MARZANI's contributions are more than his creation of the brand FILARTE. In a sense, his brand is a kind of cultural interpretation, including his deep understanding of wool textile as an Italian.
Many years later, MARZANI once said to his son GIACOMO, the CEO and chief designer of FILARTE, "FILARTE was not just a kind of fabric even during its early days. Rather, it is my interpretation of Italians' emotions, culture and customers in the past nearly half a century. FILARTE had been well received in European market for forty years. It was not only influenced by Italian culture, but also had interactions with we humans."
Every design is an artist, and every salesperson is a marketing guru.
In the FILARTE design studio near Duomo di Milano, the designers work day and night, perfecting every detail. In a bright sample room outside the CBD in Beijing, the salespersons of DINO FILARTE (Beijing) Trade Co., Ltd are guiding customers appreciating each artwork with sweet smile and by introducing the fabrics.
"We never say much about our quality as quality has never been a problem for us. Fashion and function and are what we mainly work at". These are the pride and focus of several generations of FILARTE.
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